Company Overview

K Laser Group was established in 1988 and listed starting from 1999 in Taiwan. We are the member of International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA). Founded in 2000, K Laser (HK) is a tactic fortress and export center of K Laser Group, aiming at providing reliable services to clients with our professional experience and the most suitable solutions.

We are one of the top ranked holographic material suppliers and innovator worldwide in the packaging industry. Our main products include holographic film, security solutions, laminated/transfer paper and hot stamping/cold foil, mainly for packaging, validation, design enhancements and promotion. They are all fully complied with the RoHS Certification; U.S. standards ASTM F963; EN71 Part 3 and REACH standard.

Corporate Philosophy

As one of the member of the K Laser Group, we inherit and carry through the philosophy of the K Laser Group. We keep capturing the mesmerizing glisters of hologram and present to our customers the elegant and cost-effective solutions to safeguard their products and enhance their designs. K Laser is now the largest publicly traded holographic company in terms of market share.

Corporation Development

In order to say ahead, K Laser exerts every effort on continuous R&D. Enjoying the experience in developing the optical technology, K Laser now has successfully combined the optical technology with our advanced holographic technology in our R&D processes. Not only safeguard the brand and products, but also work with you to find ways to enhance the products and make them unique.

K Laser catches up with rapid technological development. We keep abreast of the global trend and develop multiple online platforms, including website for mobile devices, LinkedIn and YouTube Channel, aiming to interact with and to bring along the latest first-hand information to our customers.

One-Stop Services

K Laser conscientiously provides high quality services with our professional experience to our customers. We offer pre-sales inquiries and after-sale technical support such as the entire package planning, sample arrangement, origination and the arrangement for the mass production.

Global Network & Partnership

K Laser shares a global mindset, we have production sites and sales offices set up in different countries, covering Asia regions, Europe, North and South Americas, the emerging India, and the Middle East. K Laser also recognizes the importance of marketing development, we therefore have collaborated with numerous world-leading brands including Coca-cola, McDonald’s, Hallmark, Colgate, Darlie, Disney, KMB, etc.