Frequently Asked Question

A: K Laser has been continuously developing advance and reliable original technologies to provide timely, professional, and customized services to customers since 1988.
A: As a hologram supplier, we provide product design consultation, product manufacturing and after sales service.
A: We have manufacturing plant all over the world, our main manufacturing plant is located in Taiwan.
A: Of course. After filling in the Google form for sample delivery , we will send you the sample for your reference. You can also refer to our YouTube channel to check out some introduction and demonstration on our product as well.
A: We start modeling of our mold immediately after the confirmation of the sample product, you may need to pay extra tooling price.
A: We provide after sale service, we would like to hear any comments about our product and discuss a solution with you.
A: Yes, we are member of International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA). All of our products are registered on the it.


A: 光群雷射擁有三十年經驗,一直以不斷研發更先進及更可靠的雷射攝影產品,提供最專業的原創產品給我們的客戶。
A: 作為雷射產品供應商,我們提供產品設計顧問服務、產品製造及售後服務。
A: 我們於世界各地設有製造廠,而主要的製造廠則設於台灣。
A: 當然可以,只要填寫表格表格留下資料,我們將為你寄出樣板以供參考。在等候樣板的過程中亦可到我們的YouTube 頻道 ,我們在此提供各種效果的介紹及其實際應用。
A: 當我們收到雷射小板及小樣的確認後便會開始製作模板,你可能需要付出額外的樣板費。
A: 我們提供售後服務,亦願意聆聽任何有關我們產品的意見。當問題出現時,我們會有專員與你討論解決方法。
A: 有,我們是IHMA下的註冊會員,我們的所有產品都會於協會中註冊,並擁有版權保護。