Hot stamping foil (hot transfer foil) produces flickering effect to products, giving out a sense of prestige, luxury and elegance. K Laser provides gold/silver foils and holographic foils with high quality, high glossy and excellent application to various packaging materials.
  • Perform decorative functions with fascinating holographic effects in packaging which can increase shelf appeal
  • Increase brand value with premium packaging
  • Various enchanting patterns to choose from
  • Comply with a wide range of printing materials (Papers, PVC, PET, metal, etc.)
  • Anti-fake functions with holographic foils
  • Partial/registered stamping effect available

Packaging (Boxes/Bags) of high-end products:

Watches, wine, jewel, food, gifts

Trademark labels

For anti-counterfeiting

Foil on top of metal lidNEW

Foil on PVC Cards

Publications/Seasonal greeting cards

The above demo products are for references only. For samples or finished products, please contact us for enquiries.

Traditional hot stamping foil Holographic Foils
Colour Gold/ silver, Matted gold/ silver, Gold/ silver brush Gold/ silver, transparent hologram, other colours (various patterns)
Standard size (roll) 64 cm × 120 cm 63 cm × 122 cm

More than 70 patterns are available. Click here to see more patterns, or contact K Laser for enquiries.