Metallic film (Metallized PET film) can increase the brightness of the film with highly reflective surface. It is a composite material, which can be laminated to different materials to serve multiple functions. When applied in packaging, products will look more lustrous. The more noble and attractive appearance enhances the grading of the commodities .
  • highlighted reflective effect, enhance the metallic appearance on packaging
  • A dazzling optical effect to increase the attractiveness
  • Aluminum layer can impede oxygen, which extends product storage life
  • High flexibility in packaging with various grading of reflectivity
  • Good printability, suitable for lamination to paperboard or other substances
  • Good strength and toughness, do not have problems of distortion, wrinkles or cracks

For upgrading packaging

laminated with cardboard / film for packaging, such as high-end electronic products, tobacco, wine, etc.

Food packaging & soft packaging

Inner/outer layer of the composition films for dry & puffed food

Decorative function / Gift packaging

festival cards or decoration with shiny metallic effects

Sticker / labels

laminated to make stickers more glossy

Security label:

use as the substrate of security label / trademark labels

Packaging of medicine and cosmetics

for mildew and dampness resistance

Products for heat insulation

sand beach mat, window film, etc.

The above demo products are for references only. For samples or finished products, please contact us for enquiries.

Base Standard Width Colour Reflectivity Unit
PET 12(μm)/ 15(μm)/ 23(μm) 785mm/ 875mm/ 938mm Gold/ Silver / Colour (undercoat) Normal / Mirror film (highly reflective) Roll