K Laser provides high quality holographic film in PET, PVC and OPP; each of them serves different functions and can be applied on soft and/or hard packaging accordingly. Vivid holographic packaging can enhance products’ visual appeal, catch consumers’ eyes and allow your products to STAND OUT.
  • PET film

    Making of polyester, holographic PET film has excellent laminating performance, good printability and stable mechanical properties (e.g. resistance to moisture and oxygen) with wide application scopes. PET film can also enhance product packaging with glossy effects when laminated to paperboard.

  • PVC film

    Holographic PVC film has excellent printability and it is suitable for labels and adhesive stickers

  • OPP film

    The transparent OPP film can match different packaging needs and lamination. It can be used as varnishing film/metallized film with its protective function. With holographic patterns, OPP film can make product packaging more shiny and appealing.


An UV printable plastic film excellent for soft packaging, flexible package, lamination to paper, printing and enhancing shelf appearance; also suitable for protective coat on packaging (transparent PET film)


Labels, stickers, membership cards and decorations


Commonly applied to wrapping paper, flexible packages or printing on paper bags/ boxes after lamination; the transparent holographic OPP film can serve as a protection to the surface and bring along holographic pattern.

The above demo products are for references only. For samples or finished products, please contact us for enquiries.

Standard Colour Width
PET Film 12(μm)/14(μm)/23(μm) Silver 785mm/875mm/938mm
PVC Film 35(μm)/50(μm)) Silver 635mm
OPP Film 20(μm) Silver / transparent varnishing film / transparent metallized film 790mm/890mm

More than 70 patterns are available. Click here to see more patterns, or contact K Laser for enquiries.