Integrated security solution is a full range of holographic printing technology (such as explicit/implicit holographic effect, tamper evident, security label, registered printing, registered stamping etc.) used in anti-counterfeiting and brand enhancement, to help businesses cope with the complex counterfeiting challenge and consolidate corporation status.

What is Integrated Security Solution?

Security Options Introduction
Multi-holographic label
Multi-holographic labels can be customized with visible or invisible anti-counterfeiting effects, tamper-evident function, unique graphics and logos in different sizes and shapes. It can ensure the product authenticity and enhance brand value. (Learn more on YouTube)
Multi-holographic registered solution
Multiple holographic effects of a security label can be embossed on hot stamping foil and then stamped on the designed area of the packaging. This technology also allows combination of precise registered printing of different holographic effects on the entire packaging, which results in rich visual effects, at the same time performs anti-forgery function. (Learn more on YouTube)
Visible holographic effects
Visible effects are some visible features added to packaging labels so that authenticity can be distinguished with naked eyes, while invisible effects are only visible with the assistance of tools. (Learn more on YouTube)
Effects include:
Invisible holographic effects
Invisible effects are advanced security solutions as they are only visible with the assistance of tools.
Effects include:
Tamper-evident (Destructive labels / Void labels)
After the detachment of the tamper-evident label , the surface of the label will be destroyed and residual traces will be left on the surface of the affixed object, so the label cannot be reused and ensure the products are first-handed. (Learn more on YouTube)
QR code & Barcode label
QR code and barcode can be printed on holographic security labels to perform product tracing function.
  • Protect your profit by Registered printing can make your product packaging more outstanding, increase shelf appeal
  • Increase customer confidence on your brand
  • Diversification of anti-counterfeiting effect (such as micro-text, lens, hidden image, tamper-evident etc. amongst choices of more than 50 types)
  • Customized services, create unique designs for each brand

High-end products:

watches, wine, jewel

Electronic products:

laptop, personal electronic devices, mobile phone etc


prescription, retail medical products, personal care, beauty products etc.

Food & Beverage:

high-end canned goods, imported snack

General packaging:

increase the brand loyalty and customer confidence

Confidential documents :

warranty card, medical record, corporate confidential document


The above demo products are for references only. For samples or finished products, please contact us for enquiries.

Materials Format Standard sheet size Minimum order Colour
For Security label and Registered Stamping
PET Sheets / (Rolls) 150mm*150mm/Panel 2000 Panel Silver, Gold
  • Actual quantity depends on the size of each label
  • For colors other than silver, availability need to be checked
  • Label size restriction: 1cm*1cm minimum /7cm*7cm maximum / (Check for larger sizes)
  • Medium / High level of anti-counterfeiting features available, please enquire us for quotation
For Registered Printing of Packaging Boxes
  • Depends on clients’ packaging design
  • Quantity, size, and holographic effects are customized for clients’ needs
Upon Request, more than 70patterns available

Place an Order in 4 Simple Steps

1. Cilent provides pattern design/ trademark
2. K Laser provides customised hologram design
3. After confirmation, sample will be finished in 2-3 weeks
4. After confirming product sample, production and delivery will be completed in 3.5 weeks at the soonest

For any enquiry, please visit here.