Stereo Relief is the latest technology which is developed by K-Laser Group. It can be able to provide a new gimmick and brand new visual impact for the customers as Stereo Relief is less widely spread among the brands and product design in the market. The unique metallic effect can help your product get rid of the sense of gloomy and embellish your product.
  • More Eye-catching: Give out a sense of glamorous due to the metallic effect.
  • More detailed and precise outcomes: More precise and tiny lines can still be portrayed by Stereo Relief. The brand image can be enhanced.
  • More Variations: With suitable mix & match, the appearance of product can be more attractive.
  • Unique 3D effect: the 3D effect can make the image pop up and emphasize the product features.

The above demo products are for references only. For samples or finished products, please contact us for enquiries.

Artwork requirement

Graphic minimum Size: 10mm X 10mm

Graphic maximum Size: 150mm X 150mm

Text Size: 4mm or above

Highlight the shaded region of the artwork

Line thickness should be above 0.3mm