True Seamless Film is the newest generation of seamless film introduced by K Laser. This self-developed technology enables the production of holographic film without seam. The holographic patterns can thus be perfectly remained. By using TSL film in packaging, your products would be more eye-catching with a more cost-efficient production process.

Q: What is seam and why is seamless more desirable?

A:Due to the technical restriction of traditional production method, some line or dots appear on the film repeatedly in every certain distance. The seams are useless and may affect the effect of the film. TSL offered by K Laser, however, can achieve true seamless, speedier production and less wastage. Click here to See demonstration and watch videos .

True Seamless Film VS Normal Holo Film: The “4S” Advantages
Seamless Holographic Film Normal Holographic Film (with seam)
Production speed is 2-3 times faster than that of ordinary holo film/normal seamless film, resulting in higher production rate,shorter lead time and quicker response to market. Both your company and we can better plan for production schedule and utilize production capacity.
Due to traditional technical restriction, a seam appears every certain distance on the holographic film repeatedly, production speed is limited.
Unnecessary to handle shaded parts in production line anymore. Disturbance to production and fine-tuning of machine are minimized when there is no seam, thereby increasing your efficiency and reducing integrated cost.
Less Smooth:
With the presence of seam, you have to adjust the machine to avoid pitch appears on your packaging.
The price of TSL is more competitive with a sharp increase in production efficiency. On the other hand, elimination of seams leads to lower scrap rate , your material consumption and inspection cost can be saved.Time-saving for better utilization of production capacity. (See demonstration)
Shaded part in the film is wasted since they affect the appearance of packaging.
Storage Flexibility:
With freer specification and standardization, there is no need for multiple storage and hence minifying inventories.Warehouse cost is saved. (See demonstration)
Warehouse Cost:
If you have a series of product using with different size, you have to order films with different specification. Warehouse cost is increased due to multiple storage.

Packaging/packaging box

Soft packaging of food products/fast-fashion

Label printing, bottle labels and other products with small-sized packaging

Wrapping paper

Product packaging using rotary production

(Soft packaging, shrinkage packaging, plastic bags, plastic printing, textile printing, etc.)

Book and magazine printing

The above demo products are for references only. For samples or finished products, please contact us for enquiries.

Base Colour Thickness(μ) Width(mm) Length per roll (m) Pattern
PET (film) Silver 12(μ)/14(μ)/23(μ) Depends on patterns 3000-4000 Rainbows/Pillar of lights/Starry/Shattered Glass
Holographic Hot Stamping Foil/Cold Foil Gold/Silver 16(μ) 630mm 122 Rainbows/Pillar of lights/Starry/Shattered Glass

For more patterns, please click here