Fresnel lens film is commonly used in the packaging of daily necessities, paper packaging products, and bottle label etc. With unique biconvex 3D visual effects, the value of products can be greatly enriched. We keep innovating our lens technology and we have recently launched a new and exclusive lens series with the maximum size 123mm and minimum size 25mm, which can help you surprise your customers. Please visit here to know more about LENS.
  • Eye-catching & Elegant: Fresnel lens can perfectly fit into packaging design, making your product more outstanding
  • Marketing promotion: Special packaging with unique LENS effect can boost sales volume, especially for FMCGs
  • High compatibility: Can applied to packaging with different materials such as paper or container labels
  • Origination and customization: Modification of lens pattern is possible for fitting your graphic design or special requirements
  • Various size and effects: Choose from twin lens, single lens, lens in specific shape, lens in random pattern etc., up to 123mm
K Laser General/ mainland manufacturers
Copyright Guarantee The master is first self-developed in Asia, providing full copyright guarantee May not own the copyright
Technological Level Strong in both development and production Strong in production only

Packaging boxes/ Gift boxes

Paper products

Labels and stickers

Customized bottle/container labels NEW


Lens customized into specific shape

The above demo products are for references only. For samples or finished products, please contact us for enquiries.

Gross weight (gsm) Width(mm) Colour
White lens laminated paper 157gsm-350gsm 787 Silver
Colour lens laminated paper 157gsm-350gsm 787 Silver
Lens label / sticker Customization upon request Silver
Fresnel Lens Design / Size can be customized by project Silver

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